Wood for seven years?

In November, Mrs. Shoo and I celebrated seven years together. Yes really. Seven. I don’t know what the traditional gift is for seven years, but I gave her a hand crafted wood bowl. A friend / coworker had been showing his recent wood working skills. Always liking something that you can’t buy off a shelf,

Weekend updates

Helped my brother move. He recently acquired a new “old” vehicle. My bros 1989 Lincoln. A post shared by Chris Scheufele (@gotshoo) on Sep 13, 2014 at 7:29am PDT Features. A post shared by Chris Scheufele (@gotshoo) on Sep 13, 2014 at 12:26pm PDT A beautiful 1989 Lincoln Continental. It’s in premo condition if you

Robot shoes

Pre-breakfast tacos from the food truck at the farmers’ market. They were hangry. You don’t know how fast they grow up until you see it past by. We stopped at Scheels tonight to get new shoes. Grayon’s had robots. They did not have the robots in my size. Leaving we stopped at the statue of

Batch Updates

Having a blog sounds like a great idea. Many times I have thought, “Man this is great thing. I should really sit down and write about this. Because no one has totally written about this.” Then I sit down and nothing comes out. I end up on a endless round-robin of reddit, facebook, and twitter.