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Points to himself

Coblie told us she wants to get married but not have kids. Grayson asks, ‘who do you want to marry’ as he points to himself.

Lincoln Balloon Festival 2015

On a whim we headed north to the Lincoln Balloon Festival. We met up with Mike, Sarah, and Colbie. It was good times. And there was a special shaped balloon.


Darth Vader. IMG_8587-Edit.jpgGrayson was a big fan of Darth Vader. He started singing his song when he saw it.




Lolla 2015: Cheese Burgers, Tunes, and Friends

A love of music? A love of cheese burgers? A love of hanging out with friends? All of the above.

Lollapalooza has become a pilgrimage for me for the last couple of years. I’ve been going on a somewhat regular basis since 2007 (yes, the year of Daft Punk).

For the last two years though I have been on a mission to find the best cheese burger. An overindulgence weekend of music, why not make it a constant diet of ground beef?

This year I went to the following:

Burger #1 The Grizzly Adam from The Bad Apple

1. The Bad Apple. A delicious burger with short rib on top. Good. To the point 2.75/5

Bring on the burgers.

2. Kuma’s Too. Menu pictured above. A rock themed atmosphere with heavy metal playing in the background. Of course I had to get the Led Zeppelin. 3/5

Waiting to get burger #3Yes, yes, yes.Best burger! Burger #3 Hands down.

3. Au Cheval. This was my favorite burger from last year and again this takes the cake. Perfectly grilled burger, bacon comes in 1/4″ thick slabs, and an egg to top everything off! There’s usually a wait and we arrived 30 minutes early to guarantee the first spot in line. 4.5/5 (Only because I want to dream there exists another place that has a burger just as good or better.)

Burger #4Day two. Starting out at Dry Hop.

4. Dry Hop. A micro brewery that has a close spot in my heart. Excellent brews and excellent burgers. 4/5

I stopped a four burgers, but my colon thanked me.

Music. The whole reason for the weekend.

1. Act that I didn’t think I would be so happy to see: Paul McCartney. Everyone has listened to the Beatles. Everyone knows the music. But seeing it live. Seeing a person that you’ve heard so many times and have burned into your pop-culture subconscious. I won’t say there wasn’t some tears during some of the songs. Sir Paul was terrific.

Sir Paul with fireworks. #Lollapalooza

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2. Group that I saw by myself and wished my friends would have seen with me: Sylvan Esso. I’ve been listening to SE for the last year and Amelia Meath’s voice has been a siren pulling me in to point that I skipped the first part of McCartney to see them. Totally worth it.

Sylvan Esso #Lollapalooza A video posted by Chris Scheufele (@gotshoo) on

3. Country music that I was actually looking forward to: Sturgill Simpson. It’s usually not my thing. I enjoyed it.

A very awesome Sturgill Simpson #Lollapalooza

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4. Best closer with the skyline lit up with lightening: Florence and The Machine. (Not my video)

And of course friends:

Just happy people.

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The Lolla family

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Mr. Geebus turned 3

Geebus is one of Grayson’s many nicknames. For a while when we would ask him his full name, he would respond “Grayson Geebus Scheufele.”

This weekend our little Geebus turned 3. We can’t imagine life without him. He’s so full of personality, love, and overall just a great kid. That’s not to say he can’t be a little tuckus.


Believe it or not, Grayson took the photo. He turned his hat backwards and everything. A new up and coming photographer. Watch out Instagram!


His buddies came over for a play date.

IMG_6975.jpgIMG_6977.jpgAunt KeeKee got him a special Leonardo.




Summer Time

Wait, what it’s already mid-June?!? Here some highlights from the last couple of weeks.


Running where Abe walked

Last weekend Mrs Shoo ran the Lincoln Presidential Half Marathon. Grayson and I caught up with friends at the end of the race to cheer on Mrs. Shoo and her friend Sarah.

IMG_1212.jpg “Mooooommm”

The woman holding the sign is Sarah’s mother. She throws a mean surprise birthday and will run the last tenth of a mile with you.

IMG_1198.jpgA little too close young man.

IMG_1209.jpgA rare public sighting of the BluegillLover and Colbie. They’re definitely related.

IMG_1240.jpg Sarah aka Craftnclutter with her dad who was 60.

IMG_1234.jpg Big Lincoln bling.

IMG_1243.jpg A post race stop at the Sugar Jar for a macaroon.

Fireman Grayson and Boo

IMG_6083Fireman Grayson and Colbie as Boo at the farmers market.


Lolla 2013: The Dino Stories

Last weekend I went up for my annual pilgrimage to Chicago for Lollapalooza 2013, a 3 day music festival with over 300,000 people attending. This was my 5th.


As a tradition, and a great way to find people, we stick Danny the inflatable Dino on a pool float. We carry him around as a badge of honor. It’s also a great way to meet people and find old friends. The dino in the picture above is not actually Danny. Danny #1 died in Lolla ’12 from a meteor or too much wine on wine day. Stego, aka Dustin, was the stand in. We brought Danny back to life for days 2 and 3. We used real Jurassic Park technology to bring Danny back to life. We Amazon Primed / cloned him.

Ready to rock.

Stego had a mustache too. Just rocking out to some Swedish Death Metal.

Danny on day 2, ready to ride the Red Line and party it up.

He is really hard not to miss.

A carry over from the 2004 Cardinals World Series. Number 1. Which they lost.


Missed the cue.WP_20130803_026How can you not have fun with these two!

This picture is fuzzy because a stranger took it and it was wine day. Everything looks fuzzy on wine day.

WP_20130803_001Epic lunch. Best burger! Danny even made their Instagram! Fact: I ate almost 8 hamburgers in two days. By the third day, I had given up on eating.

WP_20130804_002A beautiful sky drop for a concert festival!

WP_20130803_013The MC at the Toyota tent, Chris Gethard, was fascinated by the dino. Well actually more that Ed wore a dinosaur t-shirt, had a watch with Danny on it, and his wedding vows were a story about two dinosaurs. Totally normal.

I blame wine day, but I didn’t get pictures of everyone we hung out with so: Squirt Boy, Lady M and her friend I spilled a lot drink on during The National, Aaron the “Festival Queen”, Josh/Rocio, Carlos/Melissa, Joman…. totally had a great time. Hope to see you in 2014.

Sprinkler Time

This summer we’ve discovered that kids love sprinklers. Over the weekend Grayson went over to the R’s for some fun with Colbie and Archer.

Grayson waiting for the other kids to come out and play.Aka the underwear magazine pose.

You don’t know how hard it is to pose toddlers for a picture.

The R’s had a special turtle sprinkler that rivaled the Shoos’ Ace Hardware special sprinkler. Fun was still had though.

Archer was a little unsure first, but totally got into it.

Totally hamming it up.



The kids really had a great time.

Adults don’t roll down hills

You’ll want to watch this one all the way through. @mrsshoo does a trick.