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Lolla 2015: Cheese Burgers, Tunes, and Friends

A love of music? A love of cheese burgers? A love of hanging out with friends? All of the above.

Lollapalooza has become a pilgrimage for me for the last couple of years. I’ve been going on a somewhat regular basis since 2007 (yes, the year of Daft Punk).

For the last two years though I have been on a mission to find the best cheese burger. An overindulgence weekend of music, why not make it a constant diet of ground beef?

This year I went to the following:

Burger #1 The Grizzly Adam from The Bad Apple

1. The Bad Apple. A delicious burger with short rib on top. Good. To the point 2.75/5

Bring on the burgers.

2. Kuma’s Too. Menu pictured above. A rock themed atmosphere with heavy metal playing in the background. Of course I had to get the Led Zeppelin. 3/5

Waiting to get burger #3Yes, yes, yes.Best burger! Burger #3 Hands down.

3. Au Cheval. This was my favorite burger from last year and again this takes the cake. Perfectly grilled burger, bacon comes in 1/4″ thick slabs, and an egg to top everything off! There’s usually a wait and we arrived 30 minutes early to guarantee the first spot in line. 4.5/5 (Only because I want to dream there exists another place that has a burger just as good or better.)

Burger #4Day two. Starting out at Dry Hop.

4. Dry Hop. A micro brewery that has a close spot in my heart. Excellent brews and excellent burgers. 4/5

I stopped a four burgers, but my colon thanked me.

Music. The whole reason for the weekend.

1. Act that I didn’t think I would be so happy to see: Paul McCartney. Everyone has listened to the Beatles. Everyone knows the music. But seeing it live. Seeing a person that you’ve heard so many times and have burned into your pop-culture subconscious. I won’t say there wasn’t some tears during some of the songs. Sir Paul was terrific.

Sir Paul with fireworks. #Lollapalooza

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2. Group that I saw by myself and wished my friends would have seen with me: Sylvan Esso. I’ve been listening to SE for the last year and Amelia Meath’s voice has been a siren pulling me in to point that I skipped the first part of McCartney to see them. Totally worth it.

Sylvan Esso #Lollapalooza A video posted by Chris Scheufele (@gotshoo) on

3. Country music that I was actually looking forward to: Sturgill Simpson. It’s usually not my thing. I enjoyed it.

A very awesome Sturgill Simpson #Lollapalooza

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4. Best closer with the skyline lit up with lightening: Florence and The Machine. (Not my video)

And of course friends:

Just happy people.

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The Lolla family

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Beef tenderloin, it’s what’s for dinner.

Mrs. Shoo the other day brought home a 3lb beef tenderloin home. Other than it was on sale, she had no other reason. It was a huge piece of beef that really perplexed this occasional steaks, dogs, and burgers griller. In the words of Barney from HIMYM, “Challenge accepted.”

Like any man in the modern age, I went straight pass the cookbook for the iPad to Google “grill beef tenderloin.” First link I hit was golden.

Getting started, I think my cut was ‘discounted’ because it wasn’t the best cut of tenderloin or at least the prettiest. (No doubt the end result tasted delightful) Everything else on the net shows the tenderloin cut as a long “tube.” I managed to make it work though.


The first thing to go is the fat on the the outside. This is a really tender low fat cut of beef.


Some handy work of the knife. I cut the meat in half and bound it together with twine. This way the meat will cook evenly.


There are a ton of different rubs you make and put together, but I went with Weber Chicago Steak seasoning. A light dash adds quite a bit of flavor.  Because all of the fat has been removed, you’ll want to lightly coat the exterior with vegetable oil before placing on the grill.

While the grill was warming up I made a salad and cut up some zucchinis.


All from the farmer’s market.


When grilling, the tenderloin will need to be cooked in indirect heat. So coals on one side, meat on the other. My meat thermometer wasn’t working, but I’ve cooked enough steaks to have a good idea when meat has reached medium. Also the blog post up above said to shoot for 20-25 minutes. It was right on.

To give the tenderloin a good tasting exterior, it should be seared 1-2 minutes over the hot coals. Depending on what you read, some say to do before roasting others say to do before removing from the grill. I seared before I took it off the grill.

In the rush of trying to get everything put together my photo of the first cut was totally blurry. You’ll have to deal with my Instagram photo from up above. But I can tell you that this is an excellent dish.



A week in Instagram

I started using Instagram when it first came out with my iPhone 3G. I since moved on to an Android and it wasn’t till this week that it was available for Android.

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Pizza from tonight. The summer after I graduated high school I worked at Vic’s Pizza. The one that was off of Wabash Ave. It was a horrible hot job. I learned the value of making a good pizza and not working in a 120 degree kitchen. And that would be why tonight’s dinner was delicious.

Beer-can chicken


The rub. Salt, pepper, paprika, , lemon zest, rosemary, thyme.


5lb chicken covered in oil and rub.


Chicken being propped up with a half can of Fat Tire. Beer mixture also included virgin oil, lemon juice,  and rosemary. Cook with indirect heat.


Final product after 1 1/2 hours on the grill.

The recipe I used was from the Weber iPad app. There are ton of other variations floating around the ‘net.



Veggie-beef soup

I made some of the best veggie-beef soup the other day. Don’t take my word for it – that’s from Mrs. Shoo.

Here’s the recipe –

1lb stew beef

1-2 potatoes cut

3-5 carrots (pealed and cut)

1 can green beans (or replace with fresh green beans)

1 can of sweet corn (don’t drain to add some sweetness)

1 can of cut tomatoes

4-5 stalks of cut celery

Salt and pepper to taste

2-3 bay leaves

Add water for a juicier soup


Cook on medium heat for approx 1 hour. Add more stuff if hungrier.



Photos from the summer