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Weekend updates

Helped my brother move. He recently acquired a new “old” vehicle.

My bros 1989 Lincoln.

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A beautiful 1989 Lincoln Continental. It’s in premo condition if you overlook the late 80’s wood trim and old lady smoke residue. It’s his new baby and mode of transportation as his job will only be 4 miles from his house. I have a feeling he is going to get some looks with this vehicle. Good thing he is locked down to a good woman.

Grayson and his Buddy. #graysongram

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I may have volunteered Buddy to be Grayson’s friend in the wagon. The dog hated the wagon and looked for¬†every¬†opportunity to jump out. I consider it payback for much trouble he has caused us tipping the trash can and getting into bags.

Grayson has a flag for his tree house. He tells me the G stands for ninja turtles.

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Grayson proudly displaying the official flag for his swing set. Grammy Lynne put together a wonder flag featuring Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in the background and a capital G. This would make Betsy Ross jealous. Grayson loves the flag and I have to make a trip to the hardware store for a bracket so he can display it proudly.


So COLD!!!!

It’s cold outside. We’re going stir-crazy.

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We’re ready for spring.

Photo fun

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The three amigos.


How to feed the dogs

Grayson has taken interest in feeding the dogs. It takes a long time.

Puppy Love

I assure you that Clancy is just fine.

Moose hands


The family needed a walk today. It was cold, so we bundled everyone up. Grayson wore his snow suit, moose mittens, and special knit hat.


Cone of shame


Clancy hurt his paw this week. It was inflamed and he wouldn’t stop licking it. He also chewed through his bandages several times. The is vet is making him wear “the cone of shame” for a week. His paw is already looking better. Hopefully he won’t have to wear for the full week because he’s knocked into everything, Grayson won’t stop grabbing it and he makes a mess when he tries to eat. We still love him and cuddle with him even though he’s wearing a satellite dish.

Never Ending Story


The Never Ending Story? Not the same.

On the lookout


The duo on the lookout for what is moving in the backyard.