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Half Marathon Report

@mrsshoo and I went away to St. Louis for a weekend. Kid free — we had forgotten what is was like to have an uninterrupted conversation at dinner.

First – we took in a ball game. A really good one. The Cardinals took out the Reds 10-4. We were lucky because the next day the Cardinals didn’t fare as well.

Cards win!

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Then the next morning we did a half marathon. We did the same half marathon almost 4 years ago. The course was different from the previous time, but we really enjoyed it. It crossed over the Martin Luther King Bridge and back over the Eades and around St. Louis.

Below was post ice cream sandwich. That run really sucked the life out of us.

This is what it looks like when you wear your Fitbit on a half marathon day.

This is what your day looks like when you run a half marathon with a Fitbit.

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And to top the weekend off, we saw Alton Brown at the Fox Theatre.

It was a jammed pack weekend.

Points to himself

Coblie told us she wants to get married but not have kids. Grayson asks, ‘who do you want to marry’ as he points to himself.