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Park Time

The Shoos were holed up for most of the week and the weekend suffering from a cold. We were all going stir crazy and luckily the weather let up so we could enjoy some time at the park.

The hat matches the kid’s personality.

IMG_9942-Edit.jpg IMG_0026-Edit.jpg
Mrs. Shoo sporting a new hat she just finished. Do you know she likes knitting? Do you know she has a knitting podcast? Do you know that she has a pretty popular Ravelry group? Well, now you do. Go check it out.

Not often that I get a picture on the blog, or even with the kid. Hello Movember, you’re treating me well. </beard>

IMG_0014-Edit.jpg IMG_0023.jpg IMG_0038-Edit.jpg
We’re still recovering from the cold as you can see, but hopefully this week will be a healthy week.

Rides Great

I haven’t gotten to do much trail riding this year. When I finally got the bike out a couple of weeks ago, the hanger that holds the rear derailleur (the device that switches the gears) snapped off. That was a mile and a half walk back.

After a visit to Amazon and a new part, I discovered that my journey down bicycle repair lane had just started. I ordered a chain only to find out that the gears were incredibly worn down and need to be replaced. After ordering a new cassette (collection of cogs on the back wheel), I found out that the tool that I had would not remove the cassette. Finally after getting the right tool, everything was ready to go.

This weekend I finally got to take the bike out and ride with Dave Heinzel.


So nice and clean. This is what it should look like.


I bought this bike in 2005. It’s big and heavy but rides great.


Dave mastering a hill. Intense.


Dave is a terrific photographer. How could I pass up a chance for an updated Facebook profile picture.

Good to see that some things are still made in the USA.


Hello Fall.



First of all, I was planning on getting some pictures of Grayson with the fall foliage, but he was gun-ho about feeding the ducks. The boy has as much coordination as his father. With a big chuck of oyster crackers he toppled over into the Washington Park pond. Lucky, it was just the edge and he avoided all the sharp rocks. Seconds later he was a happy boy. But not after his parents had a good chuckle and took a couple of pictures. IMG_6194

Now real pictures of fall.

IMG_6173IMG_6174 IMG_6172 IMG_6171