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Does Uncle Sean eat boogers?

We went down to Nashville, TN this weekend so Sarah and her mom could go to a knitting convention; a bunch of knit-heads. Sarah’s brother Sean lives down in Franklin, just south of Nashville. So it was an excellent time to stop and hang out with Grayson’s Uncle Sean.

All week we have been asking Grayson, “Is Uncle Sean fun? Does he stink? Does he eat boogers?” — He said yes to all. Not far from the truth.
IMG_1145 IMG_1143 IMG_1135 IMG_1131 IMG_1127 IMG_1123

If you’re in Franklin, TN…. Puckett’s is the place to go for breakfast.IMG_1150 IMG_1147

Sprinkler Time

This summer we’ve discovered that kids love sprinklers. Over the weekend Grayson went over to the R’s for some fun with Colbie and Archer.

Grayson waiting for the other kids to come out and play.Aka the underwear magazine pose.

You don’t know how hard it is to pose toddlers for a picture.

The R’s had a special turtle sprinkler that rivaled the Shoos’ Ace Hardware special sprinkler. Fun was still had though.

Archer was a little unsure first, but totally got into it.

Totally hamming it up.



The kids really had a great time.

Adults don’t roll down hills

You’ll want to watch this one all the way through. @mrsshoo does a trick.

Just a sec


We met up with the R’s tonight. After dinner we took the kids to Centennial Park after dinner. I tried to snap a couple of photos. Worse than trying to herd cats. Somehow, I got this shot. Would have been a great photo if it was the DSLR.