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A true father’s day.

It was an awesome father’s day. I’m blessed to have a wonderful wife, child, and friends. Steaks, shooting guns, beer, hanging with the family and bike rides can sum up my weekend. Nothing more a dad could ask for.

Went down to St. Louis to hang out Kyle, Trevor and Steve. It’s been a while since we’ve gotten to all hang out. It’s funny with all the gun stuff going on in Illinois, that in Missouri with just an ID you can go to a range and go shooting. This happens to be a Kyle’s newest hobby so we all went shooting.


Trevor and Kyle

It happened to be Kyle’s birthday, so we all pitched-in and bought him a grill and even made him dinner.


Steve is photogenic.


Later, I was able to get do a solo 30 mile bike ride.

And go out and have Cherry Berry with the family. My son loves ice cream just as much as his dad. Super weekend. Super blessed.



We took Grayson to the park this evening. He was very enthusiastic to see the DUUUUUUUCCCKS tonight.

Prairie Days

Friday evening we went down to Pawnee to explore Prairie Days, aka eat fried fatty foods and watch Grayson ride rides. One of the first things we did was ride the cars. These were same cars that have been at fairs and carnivals for the last 40 years. You know the ones with the groovy glitter paint jobs and flat tires going around in a circle.


He was a pro and totally loved the cars.

Now Bob-pa got nominated to take Grayson on the big slide. Now the pictures make it seem like he feared for his life, but at the end he totally loved the big slide. Somehow I missed the photo when he got up and was all smiles.IMG_0421 IMG_0425 IMG_0430
Ohh the train. Grayson probably rode the train a half dozen times.

Around and around and around and around.


The sign for more.

Totally upset that he had to get off the train! Grammy Lynne thought it was hilarious!

Watering Can


The sandbox is a hit! Just finished 1/2 of the lid for it. There have already been several tantrums thrown when we go to the back yard and don’t play in the sandbox.




Mrs. Shoo’s Socks

Mrs. Shoo is pretty talented with the needles. If you ever receive a hand knit item from Mrs., hold on to that item with care and know that it has been on many car rides, seen a few trashy tv reruns, and been to Panera a couple of times for her weekly knit-a-long group.

The socks are one of her latest projects.

IMG_0369IMG_0359 IMG_0357