Monthly Archives: May 2013

Photo fun

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Grandma Ruth

IMG_0027This is Grayson’s Great Grandma Ruth. He’s not the best photo subject when you make him pose for a photo, but this is a great photo. Grayson is Ruth’s only great grandchild.


Busy weekend

Busy weekend in the Shoo household. A new sandbox, partying with friends, gardening… Bring on the work week.

Make the plane go!

Trains or planes, my kid can hear them all. He will stop in the middle of playing and either point up to the sky looking for a plane or give the international pull the horn signal for a train.

Start em’ young

WP_20130513_001Grayson has taken up a summer job to earn cash for a Little Tykes car.

One of my bikes

This is “black beauty” the sports¬†utility¬†of my fleet of bikes. This is usually the bike I tow Grayson on. The little guy went to bed early and there was enough daylight to get in a ride tonight. The trail was empty and I was riding solo. It was just enough to clear the mind. Can’t wait to do more cycling this summer.



Play time


IMG_9789bNot from this weekend. We spent most of our time indoors as it rained most of the weekend. The little guy was begging to go outside the whole time.