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The three amigos.


Grayson Cam

I got a GoPro camera recently and haven’t been doing my regular “extreme” sports. So what better way to try it out than a toddler cam. Not a bad job for a 19 month old.

Catch them when they’re cute

IMG_9920Being cute while “eating” fake cookies.
IMG_9917This is the point where the kids stop posing for pictures. They’re becomingĀ self-aware of their online presence. In fact, I bet this is the same pose we get out of them when they turn into teenagers.




Grayson and his buddy Clancy.



Dip it, dip it real good

Grayson loves to dip. In fact, if he could just dip and not have to eat he would be fine with that.

Don’t get him started with chips and salsa.


Buddies. @craftnclutter

Terrific weather today. Grayson met up with his buddy Colbie.

Gray and Aunt Kiki


Kristi, or Aunt Kiki as she’s known around here, is Grayson’s honorary aunt. Kristi came over to get some shots to send back to her parents. Of course the “bug” had to get involved.


Two Brothers


My brother and his wife were in town this weekend. We haven’t seen David or Angela since their wedding in September. It was good to see my brother especially since he is a one sided communicator. Essentially meaning he stalks this blog and my Facebook, but never comments or calls. He even has a new phone number that he’s given to pretty much no one.

Dave, an old school rough house wrestling match in the front yard will fix that.

Well, you never call, but it was still good to see you.

Showing Grayson how to handle Uncle Dave.

Grayson putting that work to practice.


Dave and Angela.

Mrs. and Mr.

IMG_9518A rare photo of Mrs and Mr. Shoo together. Rare in that one of us is usually behind the camera or trying to wrangle up the kidlet.