Monthly Archives: March 2013

Feed the chickens

We stopped at an awesome little food truck in Koloa. They had the best fish tacos, Aloha burger and we got to feed the chickens!

Little Red Monster

The little monster discovered the beauty of red dirt. The beauty being everything turns red when you rub the dirt on it.


Another adventure in our Kauai trip, we stopped at the remnants of the Russian Fort Elizabeth. Grayson had been trapped in the car for the 1.5 hour car ride and was ready to play.

IMG_9009“My hands are turning red!”




“Must bring this home to Buddy and Clancy!”IMG_9018Momma and her little red dirt monster

Helicopter Ride

After pointing in the sky for the last two days, Grayson got to ride in a helicopter!

What does the horsey say?

Trying to capture the days when $.50 keeps him busy.

Beach bums

Found this guy taking a snooze on the beach today.

Even a sign telling everyone to leave him alone.

WP_20130325_016Grammy Lynne and her Graybug

IMG_7655The family has been mostly on their best behavior, but I did manage to find a couple of crabs.


IMG_7645Yup, can’t make this up.



WP_20130325_012Sarah modeling one of her personal hand knits.


Hello from paradise

The Shoos are transplanted in a tropical paradise, here’s a recap from day 1. While the Midwest is getting hit an early spring snow storm we’re enjoying some sun and fun.


IMG_7273We’ve got a full crew.



Grayson and his Bob-paIMG_7286


This little guy survived 10 1/2 hours on planes.IMG_7312


We were expecting the worse on the planes, but he impressed us with his patience. IMG_7241


Grayson and “Gaaaaa”IMG_7271


Hello groovy sand particlesIMG_7207


Grayson and his Uncle Sean have become really good buds.IMG_7231


Air time!IMG_7410


Blame mom.IMG_7320


Portable in all conditions.

Cheese Face

I do a pretty good Muppet voice.

Pull’n his wagon

Ready for spring


Took a walk with Gray-bug in the wagon and the dogs today. We had to bundle up with hats and gloves. We’re all ready for some warmer weather.

8.25 Miles

This was a tough run. Both Mrs. Shoo and I didn’t eat the best lunch for the post-afternoon run. It was windy and cold. The only thing that helped us get through the last 2 miles was the reward of Sonic. Side note: don’t disappoint your running buddy by getting a Grape Slush instead of a Grape Cream Slush (ultimate fail).

Next week, 11 miles.

Week after is the half.