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How to feed the dogs

Grayson has taken interest in feeding the dogs. It takes a long time.



Today was a long day. The little guy got up 3 different times during night and got sick. Several pairs of pjs and sheets he finally hit the sack around 3am. I elected to stay home because Mrsshoo had a full schedule the next day. He took a couple of big naps and he was limited to a little bit of water, crackers, and oatmeal. Dr’s nurse this is a common bug for kids right now.

By the end of the day, he looked like he was feeling better.

I think this is the first real time that he has worn headphones. For the first 30 seconds, you could see his face get really focused in trying to determine what he was listening to. I played him several different artists, but he got the biggest kick out of Radiohead.

My boy


Love being a dad.



I did a lot of work from the Bean Counter this weekend. They make an excellent latte.



@mrsshoo and I hit the trails this morning for a 6.5 mile run. We’re half way there for our St. Louis Half Marathon goal in April.

Mom and her stinkus




Someone loves their little boy a ton.

Soul man


Pic c/o shyfle