Monthly Archives: January 2013

Puppy Love

I assure you that Clancy is just fine.


Grayson’s buddy Colbie came over this weekend for breakfast and a play date.


Yup, they have matching monkey hats. They were made by their moms’ knitting buddy.


Everyone enjoys a good book.


My son is a wild man and won’t stay still for photos anymore.


Still a little scared about the guy behind the camera!

Wedding Program Ornament

Sarah’s cousin Nichole sent us a surprise this week. It was a small little folded paper box. Inside was a paper ornament. At a closer glance, we realized that it was our wedding program. The ornament was super-cool by itself, but even cooler is that she held onto the program for over five years. We really appreciate it, Nichole! It looks fantastic.

If you’d like to get a hold of Nichole, she has an Etsy shop here: This would be such an awesome gift for newlyweds (or those who’ve been married for years).

Thanks, Nichole!!




Mr. Harmonica Player

Starting him on the rhythm and blues early. Thanks Bob-pa.

Tug O War


Clancy loves tug-o-war. I think he just found a new play buddy.


Mrs. Shoo has been a little better than I have been with capturing a few snapshots. Here’s a couple of her’s.

Learning from the cats.Manners McGee.I'm on a road to nowhere.On the cob?Snack time!!


The homie @gotshoo shooting the old Archer Elevator.

Today’s daily photo is c/o Flavius. Went out on the trail for a bike ride with BGL and Flavius and made them wait as I took a few snapshots of some silos off of the Sangamon Valley Trail.





The Art of Illumination

Our good friend John Romang had a art show opening last night. Mrs. Shoo and I shipped the kid off to his grandparents and got to spend a little adult time together.


I didn’t have my big camera, so all of these were taken with my cell phone. The pieces consisted of layers of glass painted and put into light boxes. John also had some interactive pieces where you would rearrange the square painted glass blocks on a board. WP_20130119_011



We’ve always been fans of John’s work. His work is showing at LLCC in the James S. Murray Gallery on the second floor of Menard Hall from January 14th – February 7th.

Brushing teeth


Grayson is always amazed when we brush our teeth. He’s pretty good at brushing his own.