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Snow Day!

It snowed this morning. The flakes were coming down quite hard and were pretty large for a while. All-in-all, it appears we got a couple inches. Since it wasn’t a cold snow, Chris and I decided to test out GrayBug’s new snowsuit from his Grandma Fran.

He was a little confused when we first put it on him, and he looked like Randy from A Christmas Story, complete with the inability to put his arms down. Awww, Ralphie!!

Snow Day!

Chris dragged GrayBug around in the wagon, and the dogs followed them. That wagon might be the best purchase we ever made.

Snow Day!

GrayBug wouldn’t hold still long enough for a photo op; he enjoyed the snow way too much.

Snow Day!

GrayBug decided to ham it up for the camera for a picture with me. Sidenote: I knit that hat for him. He’d grown out of all his handknit winter hats, so I made one for him. It might be a bit too big, even for his big ol’ head. Oops.

Snow Day!

Finally got a picture of GrayBug with Dad…and Clancy, just so he didn’t feel neglected.

Snow Day!

I’ve played in snow a-million-and-one times, but it’s funny how different it is when playing with the Bug. Everything is new again because it’s new for him. Even something as simple as catching snowflakes on his tongue was so amazing to him, and watching him be amazed was really entertaining for me (and Chris).

Snow Day!

Sitting in a chair

Colbie and Grayson

Grayson and his buddy Colbie.

This was the best shot out of like 9 photos. Taking photos of dogs is one thing. Toddlers are on an entirely different level.

Sharing a gift


Grayson sharing a gift with his Uncle “Mountain Man” Sean and Whitney.



Man, he is getting so big.

Baby, it’s cold outside





Central Illinois is supposed to get hit with a nasty winter storm Thursday afternoon. Grammy and Bob-Pa have asked that we bring out Grayson’s pajamas so he can stay the night in case the roads are bad. Something tells me that someone is hankering for a sleepover.

The Hat


This is my cousin Rachel. She’s wearing a hat knitted hat that Mrs Shoo just finished up for a Xmas gift.

Quickie HatQuickie Hat







To get a Mrs. Shoo hat is rare treat. If you get one, make sure not to lose it!

Great Uncle


Grayson had dinner with his Great Uncle Steve tonight.

Night night


Let me read that for you


Grayson working on his reading.