Monthly Archives: October 2012

Grayson’s mustache birthday party

Grayson turned 1 at the beginning of the month. Here it’s almost the end and I’m finally getting the photos online. In pretty much the same way the past year has been a busy one, this month was no different. Mrs. Shoo kept asking me what kind of ‘party’ we should have for Grayson. He hardly watches TV and We’re Going on a Bear Hunt would not make a great themes. Luckily we got a magazine with a bunch of party ideas. Right then and there I saw the “Little Man Birthday” package. I told Mrs. that was a terrific idea and she went and ran with it.

Guess what kind of party

Lesson 356: Have relatives take pictures at birthday parties.

I have no photos of the birthday party other than the crappy Instagram photo of Mrs. Shoo. Luckily my dad and grandfather took a couple.


He loved the fire station because it made noises. Notice the handlebar mustache t-shirt. The Shoo family all had on mustache theme shirts.


Mrs. Shoo made a terrific cake.


And cookies.


Ohh, he liked the cake and icing.


And had a terrible tummy ache that night.

Grayson, Mrs, and myself had a great time at the party. It’s definitely been a trip the last year. We love our little guy.

Grayson – 1 Year

This is actually a week late, but it has been a busy couple of weeks at the Shoo household. We’re going to use to our benefit that Grayson can’t count or tell time in celebrating his birthday a week late. I have lots and lots of photos of the little guy, so I tried to shove as many as possible in 4 minutes. Hope you enjoy the video and I much much more to say about fatherhood, but it’s 6am on Saturday morning and we’ve got to get ready to run some errands. #dadlife.

Grayson and the great pumpkin patch

We took Grayson out to the Bomke Pumpkin Patch. The whole family had a great time, but I think the little guy had the most.


First of all, there were all these orange things to pick up and play with.


And his favorite thing in the world. Wagon rides.


A little hay maze.


Mom had fun too.


His way of telling us it was awesome and his parents are awesome for taking him.