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A look back in Instagram for the week

Ready for school


Night night

Nap time


Teeth. Two more coming in at the top

Funny, 10 yrs ago I used to sleep like this except with a different type of bottle. #partyhard

Buggin’ it up.





Grayson has been developing by leaps and bounds the last couple of weeks. He’s mastered ‘ma-ma’,’da-da’, and ‘ba-ba.’ Now he’s started clicking. This is more than likely inspired by his Bob-pa who makes a trotting / clicking noise whenever he’s on his rocking horse.

He’s also working on tooth number 3.

This little guy is also the perfect laugh track by interjecting a laugh at the most appropriate / inappropriate times.

Love this kid.


Can’t say ‘da-da’

Dad doesn’t get any love. He’s been saying “da-da” the last couple of days then completely gave up on me. “Bob-pa” is his grandpa.

Living Room Floor

The carpet in the living room has needed to be taken up for a long time now. Somehow today was the day to do it.

2012-08-12 10.30.08

There were a ton of staples to be yanked out. The blister in my palm will thank me tomorrow.

2012-08-12 13.47.02


2012-08-12 16.43.28

Cell phone pic and this was before we put down an area rug. One less thing to do on the honey-do list. Many more things left.

Small baby steps, one large man step.

Grayson has started taking his first steps. It’s all over from here folks.

Lolla – the dino years.


Lollapallooza has been a concert festival that I’ve been frequenting since 2007. Almost a 100,000 people a day, 150 bands over the course of 3 days, and a great time. Above, Ed, Josh, me, and Danny the Dino. Will introduce Danny further down.


More fun added to the picture. Chrissy and Rocio.


Ed and Danny. Okay, so Danny came to Lolla last year. At first he was an instrument of signage to help friends find friends in a sea of humans. Then Danny started gaining a reputation for partying, making friends, and being more than just a dollar store find attached to a Fa-noodle.


Here’s Danny rocking out to Justice. Dino can bob like no one else.


Josh and Danny taking it all in.


Shoo and Danny enjoying a fine vintage of red wine out of a plastic cup.


Danny being a little deflated at the Dum Dum Girls.


Danny helped us meet guys like “Squirt Boy”, a man that goes around refreshing the crowd with H2O.


More friends. Lady M, Patrick, and Danny.


By the end of the weekend. Danny was full of holes and could barely keep it together. See kids, this is what happens when you don’t stay in school. Looking for dollar store replacements.


In other news, Chrissy and Ed are getting married next month at the top of the Sears (not Willis) Tower.

Let’s go to the zoo!

Today the Shoo family took a trip down to the St. Louis Zoo. Grayson has actually been to the Springfield Zoo a couple of times and enjoyed it each time. We thought it was time we expanded his animal knowledge. That and his parents really enjoyed it too.


Ready to see the animals. Was not a bit crabby today.


Hello baby elephant.


Mr. Hyena. We read a lot of books about animals in the Shoo household. We like to be formal.


In front of the hippo tank. Hippo not pictured.


Still can’t say “da-da.”


A flurry of flamingos.


On the carousel with mom.


Hello Mr. Puffin.


This is George. Or that’s what we’re going to call him. Doesn’t it look like he is smiling?


Family Christmas photo for 2012 with George.

10 months and counting.

Our little guy is 10 months old. Really. Like really. So in the past month he has said “mama” and “dada.” Said “mama” first, but said “dada” the next day and then completely forgot how to say “dada.” Lately we’ve heard a lot of “ba-ba-ma-ba.” The blame can be pointed to his Grandpa Bob who works with on a daily basis to say “Bob.”

He has two bottom teeth. They were accompained by some fussiness and early morning wakeups but he’s back to himself.

He’s started taking a couple steps. If we can get him to not realize that he’s not walking, he’ll go further.


“Dad, really? I’m playing”




The happiest baby I know.




“Door… I love door” – mental thought caption.