Buggin’ it up.

Grayson has been developing by leaps and bounds the last couple of weeks. He’s mastered ‘ma-ma’,’da-da’, and ‘ba-ba.’ Now he’s started clicking. This is more than likely inspired by his Bob-pa who makes a trotting / clicking noise whenever he’s on his rocking horse. He’s also working on tooth number 3. This little guy is

Living Room Floor

The carpet in the living room has needed to be taken up for a long time now. Somehow today was the day to do it. Before: There were a ton of staples to be yanked out. The blister in my palm will thank me tomorrow. After: Cell phone pic and this was before we put

10 months and counting.

Our little guy is 10 months old. Really. Like really. So in the past month he has said “mama” and “dada.” Said “mama” first, but said “dada” the next day and then completely forgot how to say “dada.” Lately we’ve heard a lot of “ba-ba-ma-ba.” The blame can be pointed to his Grandpa Bob who