Monthly Archives: January 2012


Grayson had a little fun with us tonight. Clancy just might be a jealous puppy.

3.5 Months – All about the hands


Mr. G is almost 4 months old. Recently he has discovered his hands and their grasping power. Everything heads towards his mouth. Toys, string, burp clothes, mom and dad’s fingers, the dogs. He’s also starting to drool all over everything. A big sign that teeth are on the way.

This afternoon, we did a mini photo shoot.

Xmas 2011 Recap


Finally getting a chance to go through Christmas photos. This holiday season was busy. Three different celebrations in one day. Grayson was a trooper.

3 Months – the rockstar baby


It’s a little past the 3 month mark, but it’s been a busy week. Nice to be done with the holidays and back in the groove of things. I decided to setup a mini-shoot in his bedroom with his groovy green shag carpeting. Notice the rocker onsie with respectable rock spit-up. The kid, in true rockstar fashion, goes through about 3-5 outfits a day. We’ve lost count on the diapers.

Almost 3 months.