One of many

This weekend I “tried” to get the perfect pic for the Xmas card this year. Babies are a lot harder to shoot than dogs. At least with dogs you can entice them with treats. We actually went with a pic taken by Mrs. Shoo.

Bed Time

Mrs. Shoo was out tonight. This was the perfect opportunity to try out some video editing. Luckily the talent was very cooperative and did not spit up on the film crew. Filmed with a Canon Rebel X3i + Rode Mic. Edited with Sony Vegas Studio 11.


Grayson got his first vaccine shots today. Poor kid didn’t know what was in store. He was a champ though. Cried a little. Okay, that’s an understatement. Cried loud enough to let the people in the other waiting rooms know he just went to war with the nurse. Mom cried a little too. Dad kept