Family and friends

Things are finally starting to get some rhythm around the Shoo household. Grayson is starting to sleep longer, the dogs are no longer freaked out by baby, and I’m back at work. Now that I’ve got some time, here are some of the photos that I’ve been meaning to post.

2AM Parties

We’re getting into a routine but we’ve discovered that our little boy likes to party at 2am. He’s more of a rock star than his parents. Hopefully we can ween him of this bad habit soon. Or else, we’re grounding him to his crib for the next 18 years.

Week 1

It’s hard to believe that it has already been a week. I think we can say that it has been scientifically proven by the Shoo family, when you have kids, time flies. I’ve gone from never changing a diaper to being able to slap one on the kid faster than a Nascar pit stop. Grayson

Watch dog

Clancy has been Mrs. Shoo’s shadow this week. He has been eerily weird. Not being able to stay in one place, getting as close as possible to Mrs., wanting to explore the house. We think he understands the gig is up as the “baby” of the family. In fact, right now he’s pacing the basement