Veggie-beef soup

I made some of the best veggie-beef soup the other day. Don’t take my word for it – that’s from Mrs. Shoo. Here’s the recipe – 1lb stew beef 1-2 potatoes cut 3-5 carrots (pealed and cut) 1 can green beans (or replace with fresh green beans) 1 can of sweet corn (don’t drain to

DIY House

The house has been undergoing some changes. The kitchen is finally painted. Thanks to my in-laws for their help on that. The baby room is almost finish. Again thanks to my in-laws. We intended to paint it green. It’s yellow. We dig it. Baby Shoo’s room is almost ready. Today I hung a print and

The Bug.

I’m going to tease Mrs. Shoo to provide her own update on Baby Shoo by writing a post filled with multiple grammatical errors and inconsistencies. Which means I’ll write the same way I always do. (Note – This post is for the kid. When he Google’s himself on his iPhone 9, he’ll get a little insight

Not Lassie

Clancy graduated from puppy school. He may not have been top of the class, but he made a lot of progress in 6 weeks. We can see big improvements when friends and family come over to visit. Not always the best behaved dog, he is improving.