Monthly Archives: July 2011


Clancy is on week 3 of puppy training class. He’s made good progress for a being a slightly over-reactive ADHD dog. We’ve learned some new techniques with loose leash walking and mastered “drop it.” Hopefully that will be a great one when Baby Shoo drops a pacifier.

As a reward to his humans, he insisted that we go to Monty’s after. Or was that Mrs. Shoo who insisted? Doesn’t matter in my book.

Tour de Corn

Taken by Mike.

Today I did the Tour de Corn with Mike – aka BGL (bluegilllover). A metric century, 62 miles. I’ve got some sweet tan lines.

It was a tough day with the sun and nasty head wind on the way back.

See BGL’s recap.


27 Weeks

We’re getting closer. Mrs. Shoo is now up to 27 weeks. Baby Shoo is making his presence known by keeping Mrs up with constant movement.