Monthly Archives: June 2011


The family, Mrs. Shoo, myself, and my parents, packed up the car and went up to Des Moines this weekend to visit my brother and his girlfriend.

While we were there, we checked out the Des Moines Art Fair.

Mrs. Shoo was super excited to grab some food. So excited, she made this face each time she got food.



Starting a new…

Starting a new blog? Well, yes. I’ve debated doing this for a while now. Previously I had kept this blog going since 2005 capturing pre-married moments of long nights out on the town, baseball games, and things 20 year old’s do. Now married with a professional career, on the edge of 30, and Baby Shoo due in October. It was time to back up the memories and start fresh.

And the truth be told, it was going to be a pain in the butt to filter out a lot of that stuff that I didn’t want displayed anymore.

I’ve also asked Mrs. Shoo to post. I’m hoping she doesn’t show me up too much.

As if this was not enough Shoo, I’m still at BlogCycleRun co-blogging with BGL about biking and the occasional post about running.

– The Shoo Family